Where do I report a crime?
A crime must be reported to the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the city or county where the crime occurred. The Ellis County attorney’s office does not investigate crimes. Please call police dispatch at (785) 625-1011 to report your crime. They will refer you, if necessary, to the appropriate agency in Ellis County.

Law enforcement agencies in Ellis County include:
  • Ellis County Sheriff’s Department
    Ph: (785) 625-1040
  • Hays Police Department
    Ph: (785) 625-1030
  • Fort Hays State University Police Department
    Ph: (785) 628-5304
  • Ellis Police Department
    Ph: (785) 726-4141
  • Victoria Police Department
    Ph: (785) 735-9354
  • Kansas Alcohol Beverage and Control
    Ph: (785) 296-7015
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation
    Ph: (785) 296-8200

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