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The original item was published from 6/1/2016 2:11:55 PM to 6/13/2016 4:05:03 PM.

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Posted on: June 1, 2016

[ARCHIVED] Bid Request For Proposals being accepted for four (4) Wireless Mobile Column Lifts


May 31, 2016

Ellis County is requesting proposals for consideration of purchasing four new
wireless mobile column lifts. Purchase will be determined upon review of all
available criteria, including but not limited to price, resale value, estimated
operational cost, warranty, suitability for intended use, and other information
as may be considered by Ellis County to be in the best interest of the County.
Any vendor or interested party with concerns or questions regarding the
purchasing procedure must contact Ellis County Public Works no later
than 5 days prior to proposal deadline. Ellis County reserves the right
to reject any or all proposals or limit the number and type of purchases,
or waive technicalities, reserves the right to wave any irregularity in the
bid process and purchase the equipment considered to be in the best
interest of the County. All interested vendors shall submit proposals as
per the following specifications;

1) Wireless mobile column lifts shall be quoted using Proposal Form
“WMCL”, detailing outright purchase price, warranty cost and delivery
date. Exceptions to bid proposal or specifications must be noted and
explained on Exception Form "E". Vendor failure to correctly note bid
or technical exceptions may result in rejection of vendor’s proposal. A
bid Proposal Form “LVA” shall be submitted for the optional purchase of
two light vehicle adapters as per specifications on Proposal Form “LVA”.
All costs shall be quoted F.O.B. Hays, Kansas.

2) Proposal shall list all standard warranties. Vendors will be responsible
for all costs to correct failures that are not caused, contributed, or
preventable by Ellis County Public Works. Vendor will be responsible to
provide machine maintenance instruction upon mobile column lifts delivery
to help ensure Ellis County staff is adequately trained to provide scheduled
maintenance and periodical adjustments. Copies of all warranties detailing
the coverage’s are to be attached to the bid proposal. Alternative warranties
must be explained and detailed on Exception Form "E".

3) Proposal shall include supporting literature and documentation or information
detailing mobile column lifts.
4) Proposal shall indicate current production model year, series, and delivery.
6) Proposal shall meet all technical and submittal specifications as indicated on
attached pages:

All proposals shall be submitted by mail to:
Ellis County Public Works
Attn. Mark Polifka, Shop Foreman
1195 280th Ave.
P.O. Box 691
Hays, KS 67601
or may be hand delivered to;
Ellis County Public Works
Attn. Mark Polifka, Shop Foreman
1195 280th Ave.
Hays, KS 67601
All proposals must be received no later than 4:00 p.m., Monday, June 13th,
2016 at the Ellis County Public Works office in Hays, Kansas, at which time
and place all properly received proposals will be publicly opened and read
aloud. All bidders are encouraged to be present for the proposal opening.

Specifications are not intended to dissuade any vendor from submittal.
Any exception or deviation from specifications and proposal requirements
must be clearly noted and explained on Exception Form "E.” This deviation
may or may not affect final purchase decision.

Wireless mobile column lifts shall be a heavy duty battery operated mobile
lifting system with wireless communication, consisting of four (4) columns,
which are capable of lifting 15,000 pounds per column or up to 60,000 lbs.
per set. Each lifting column shall be mobile and easily positioned to the
tires/wheels of the vehicle for lifting.

The Mobile Lifting System shall be ALI/ETL certified.

The lifting system specified shall provide a factory-direct or a company
certified service technician to setup the equipment and for repair and
maintenance of the mobile column lifts.

Each post shall be NRTL listed electrically, structurally, and bear the
ALI/ETL label of compliance.
The mobile lifting system will be the standard product of the
manufacturer and will be of heavy-duty quality, intended for
continuous use. It is intended that the subject, all components
and accessories shall be a commercially available product of the
manufacturer or his suppliers. It shall be of the manufacturer’s
current design and carried in stock or can be produced in a reasonable
period of time.

The support base shall be mobile; complete with casters both rigid
and swivel casters shall be provided.

A hydraulic jack shall be mounted on the steering end and shall be
capable of raising the base above the floor approximately 4 inches
to provide adequate clearance when moving lifts over uneven surfaces.
The hydraulic jack shall have a built-in by-pass safety valve that provides
for self-lowering if weight is applied to the steering mechanism is still in
the raised position. A handle shall be attached to the steering mechanism
and be spring-loaded to the vertical position.

The four column mobile lifting system must have the capacity and
attachment to engage small sized tires as well.

Using any 2 columns and the front and rear light truck adapters,
this system must be able to raise smaller type vehicles and trailers
from the frame engaging points front and rear. This will leave the
wheels and tires free for maintenance. The light truck adapter will
be an optional bid on the bid sheet.

Each electrical motor shall be explosion proof and a minimum of 2 hp.
The motor shall be equipped with a spring-loaded brake. This mechanism
eliminates the need to engage a manual locking mechanism while working
on the vehicle. The brake shall have a means for attaching a handle, which
allows manual release of the brake for lowering of the lift should an electrical
failure occurs. The motor shall be sealed and self-lubricated.
A redundant mechanical safety device shall be provided.
A proximity switch shall be provided which automatically stops operation of
all lifting posts when mechanical safety lock engages or if an obstacle comes
in contact with the lifting carriage during decent.

All wiring shall be labeled with numbers or colors corresponding to it on electrical
schematic to assist in troubleshooting. All switches shall be watertight to
prevent the entry of moisture.

Lifting column controls shall be mounted in a watertight enclosure. All up and down
switches must be dead-man type, requiring constant pressure by an operator to raise
or lower. When a safety device has been activated the display shall be capable of
showing the user an error code to assist the user in determining cause of shutdown.

One no contact proximity switch per column shall ensure stopping of unit when
carriages have reached their top position. The same switch shall ensure
synchronization between all columns in lifting system. If an obstruction blocks
the lifting carriage from lowering, the proximity switch will shut the entire system off.

A no-contact proximity switch shall be provided that detects the up and down
movement of the lift carriage. If the lifting carriage moves up or down faster
or slower than other lifting posts by preset limit, this proximity switch shall
momentarily stop the applicable column(s) and synchronize the columns
during operation.

The lifts shall be free to move without any restriction from communication cables.
The wireless systems shall allow for up to eight columns to be selected as one
communication channel.

Each lift system shall have a minimum of 10 communication channels that will
allow for multiple sets of battery powered wireless mobile column lifts to be
operated at the same time close to one-another without interference.

Wireless communication will have an automatic frequency control to insure
that once the communication was established for a set of lifts, no other unit
will interfere with the initial communication will automatically select another channel.

The lifts will communicate on an ISM band that will allow for a digital narrow-band
channel filtering for precise and safe operation.

For secure communication, the wireless system needs to be certified to Level SIL 2
according to IEC 61508 Standards for Secure Data Transfer, in order to avoid
interference with any type of radio communication equipment.

Each column shall be powered by four deep cycle sealed batteries 12VDC combined
to provide stable 24 or 48 VDC. Batteries shall be readily available and nationally
distributed for ease of replacement. The 24 or 48 VDC on board power supply shall
incorporate a built in recharging system. The battery charger should be self-contained
and standard 110V outlets shall be sufficient to use for charging the batteries. The
battery charger shall be able to charge batteries without overcharging.

Battery enclosure shall be located behind lifting column and shall provide for easy
access to all batteries at ground level.

The main power shall be fused between the primary power switch and the
motor/control circuits to protect against overload.

When fully charged, the on board battery power system shall be capable
of approximately 25 lifting/lowering cycles at full capacity.
The mobile column lifts shall have an operators, parts and maintenance manual.
Supplier or manufacturer of equipment shall provide operator and maintenance
training upon delivery of equipment.

Mobile supports stands: Quantity of 4
• The support stands shall have a minimum capacity of 16,000 pounds
with a cradle pad

• The stand shall have a threaded head allowing the mounting pad to
make direct contact with the vehicle frame

• The support stands shall be approximately 51-78” height which is
adjustable in stepped increments of 2” per step.

• A steel quick release pin shall be furnished.
• Each stand shall be equipped with a spring for assisting in the height
adjustments and shall have (2) wheels and a handle for easy
maneuvering and placement of stand(s).

• Each mobile column lift shall have small wheel adapters. Each adapter shall
be made to slide over the current lifting fork of the lift system providing a
reduction in the opening between the lifting forks on individual columns.
This reduction allows for vehicles with smaller tire diameter to be raised.


VENDOR NAME: ________________________________________________
4 MOBILE COLUMN LIFTS: ________________________________________
SERIES/MODEL/YEAR: ___________________________________________
(F.O.B. Hays): _____________________________________________
NET BID (BALANCE): ____________________________________________
DELIVERY: ____________________________________________________
WARRANTY (Note any associated costs)(Indicate "NA" if unable to
provide)(List significant details):
EXTENDED WARRANTY OPTIONS: Provide any extended warranties and associated costs:
By submitting this bid, the Vendor agrees to all terms set forth herein and will provide
the specified equipment at the BID stated herein.

VENDOR: _________________________________________________
AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE:_____________________________________
TITLE: ____________________________________________________
DATE: ___________________________________________________

VENDOR NAME:____________________________________________________
MODEL, SERIES AND YEAR:_________________________________________
OUTRIGHT PURCHASE PRICE :_______________________________________
DELIVERY: ______________________________________________________
Two light vehicle adapters shall be bid as an option. Each support pad shall
have a threaded piece for fine adjustment to allow the operator easy and
accurate adjustment of each individual support point. Each support pad
shall allow the usage of different height adapters in 2” increments. The
support pad structure shall allow the usage of differently shaped support
pads, such as a fork pad or a round adapter pad.

By submitting this bid, the Vendor agrees to all terms set forth herein and
will provide the specified equipment at the BID stated herein.

VENDOR: ___________________________________________________
AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _____________________________________
TITLE: ____________________________________________________
DATE: _____________________________________________________


EXCEPTIONS: _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
Each vendor assumes all responsibility in obtaining all information required
for submission of proposals and acquainting themselves with submission
procedures. In presenting said proposal, vendor acknowledges acceptance
of said responsibility. All proposals shall be binding upon the vendor for 30
days following opening. All proposals must be clearly identified and descriptive.
Prices must not be noted on supporting literature. Proposals determined to not
comply with submission criteria may be rejected.

All proposals shall be submitted F.O.B. Ellis County Public Works facility.
All practices, materials, supplies, and equipment shall comply with the Federal
Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as any pertinent and applicable
federal, state, and/or local safety or environmental regulations.
All contractual agreements shall be subject to, and governed by and construed
according to the laws of the State of Kansas.
In submitting this proposal, the vendor declares that he/she is the only person
interested in the said proposal; that it is made without any connection with
any person or persons making another proposal for the same contract;
that the proposal is in all respects fair and without collusion, fraud, or
misrepresentation, and that he/she is qualified and authorized to make
said proposal.
HOLD HARMLESS: The vendor agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and
hold the Board of County Commissioners, it's officers, employees, and
agents, free and harmless from and against any and all losses, penalties,
damages, settlements, costs, charges, professional fees or other expenses
or liabilities of every kind and character arising out of or relating to any and
all claims, liens, demands, obligation, actions, proceedings or causes of action
of every kind and character in connection with or arising directly or indirectly
out of this agreement and/or performance thereof.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all such claims, etc., relating
to personal injury, infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright, or
application for any thereof, or of any other tangible or intangible personal
or property right, or actual or alleged violation of any applicable statute,
ordinance, administrative order, rule or regulation, or decree of any court,
shall be included in the indemnity hereunder. The vendor further agrees to
investigate, handle, respond to, provide defense for and defend any such
claims, etc., at his/her sole expense and agrees to bear all other costs
and expenses related thereto, even if such claim is groundless,
false or fraudulent.

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