EllisCARES Covid CDBG Funds PicEllis County has received $132,000 in federal funding through the State of Kansas Department of Commerce, in the form of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). This funding has been accepted and approved by the County Commission for distribution to qualifying for-profit organizations. The funding must have 50% utilization by the end of January 2021 and 100% by July 2021.

Ellis County Administration and Emergency Management employees are working together to administer the distribution of funds to Ellis County businesses in accordance with the guidelines established by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

There are two categories of funding:

  • Economic Development - Businesses with 50 or fewer employees, including the owner
  • Micro-Grant - Businesses with 5 or fewer employees, including the owner

There are no priority organizations for this funding, however funds may only be expended on working capital. Such expenses include: wages/salary, rent, utilities or up to 60 days worth of inventory needed to re-open.

CDBG-CV funding cannot duplicate or replace expenses that have been or will be reimbursed under any other federal program. Organizations that will be requesting reimbursements will need to submit documentation of the other federal funding. This funding may also not be used to pay off previous debt or make improvements to buildings, grounds or other property.

*Potential Grantees Must meet the LMI (Low-to-Moderate Income) requirements set by the State.

The Low-to-moderate Income Requirements are set at 51% by the State of Kansas. This requirement means that 51% of total employees MUST  be low-to-moderate income households. These amounts were determined by the median income for Ellis County, which is $77,600 and figured at 30, 50 & 80% of that amount. These amounts are then adjusted based on the number of person(s) living in the household. This value is to be determined by ALL earners in the household.

Low-to-Moderate Income requirements can be found on the Employee Certification Form found under both application types sections.

*When filling out the business application, please indicate the total number of employees, including the owner(s), an Employee Certification Form must be filled out by each employee.

**The application period will be open from November 4th thru December 7th at 12 PM, after this time applications will no longer be accepted.

To learn more, please read the related documents (FAQ) & (Guidance)

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Media Contact:

  • Lyle Pantle, Assistant Director of Fire & Emergency Management
  • 785.625.1061
  • CDBG-CV@ellisco.net