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Ellis County COVID-19 Cases* 03/31/2021
New Cases 1
New Cases per Day, 7 Day Average 0
Active Covid-19 Cases 8
Active Hospitalizations - 1
Recovered Cases 3713
Positive Tests 3436
Total Tests 26647
Percent of Positives 12.9%
7 Day Average, Percent of Positives 1.10%
Probable Cases 285
Total Cases 3721


Active cases: As determined by KDHE and the Public Health office. Patients are currently in isolation with daily contact from the ECHD.

Recovered cases: Following KDHE guidelines patients have completed isolation, improvement of symptoms and have gone 72 hours fever free with no fever reducing medication.

Total cases: Total number of Covid-19 patients that reside in Ellis County. Includes both active, recovered and probable cases.

Information for statewide statistics can be found at the KDHE dash board HERE

*State-wide data may not reflect the up-to-date information for Ellis county. Manual entry is done by both parties, as well as lag in data-entry.