Property Transfers

Property Transfer Evaluation Form

(please fill out the form in its entirety and email the copy to:

When the Ellis County Environmental Code was adopted (9-16-1992), it was made mandatory that:

ECEC 2-4.5: Transfer of Property Ownership- No person shall transfer the ownership of any property with a private wastewater system or sanitary privy until it has been inspected and approved by the Administrative Agency.

ECEC 3-7.0: Transfer of Property Ownership- No person shall transfer the ownership of any property with a water supply subject to the regulations of this code until the supply is inspected by the Administrative Agency and the results of that inspection are made available to the transferee.

To schedule a Property Transfer with our office, we would like at least two (2) weeks notice, to allow for scheduling of an inspection and testing purposes. An inspection can be scheduled after filling out the above Property Transfer Form (and sending the form by email or fax) by: Phone- (785) 628-9449 or Email-

What We Look For and Report:

  • Private Wastewater Systems: *We require the septic tanks to be pumped by a permitted septage hauler at the time of inspection. Our office MUST be present at the time of pumping to inspect the tank and lateral field. The tank must be opened in a manner that will allow for the visual inspection of the interior. We will include in the report the pictures we take of the system, any permits and waivers (if any), and any information we can give about the system (tank size/location, lateral size/location, care and maintenance, etc.) 
  • Private Water Wells: Inspections for Private Water Wells MUST be scheduled within our normal operating hours (8am-5pm) Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays because of a 48 hour incubation time. If the well serves the home we will require access to the residence, as we take the sample from the kitchen sink. Someone must be present at this time, as we will not enter the home unaccompanied. If the home is served by a public water supply (RWD) but there is still a private well located on the property, it must also be inspected.              The tests we run in our lab are:                                                                                                                                                                        Coliform Bacteria-48 hour incubation time that yields a positive or negative test result.                                                                            Nitrates- Nitrates are organic compounds found within the water, EPA current standards set Nitrate levels at 10mg/l or below as safe for drinking. Anything higher than the 10mg/l standard could pose a higher risk to infants or pregnant women. We test both Raw samples (as straight from the well as possible, and Reverse Osmosis systems.                                                                                                  Chloride level- (This is more of a taste issue and not a health issue unless you have been advised to watch your salt intake. Anything below 250ppm is within the taste threshold)                                                                                                                                                 In the report, we will include the pictures we take of the wells, pressure tanks, water softeners, Reverse Osmosis systems, permits (if any), the results from the water tests and any well deficiencies that are seen. (Well deficiencies do not have to be corrected, just reported to the parties)
  • Zoning & Floodplain: We also notate in the report which Zoning/Floodplain Jurisdiction and Current Zoning/Flood Zone the property lies within and the steps to move forward with further construction or alterations made on the property.
  • Household Hazardous Waste: (Not something we inspect at the property, but good information) Any citizen in the County can dispose of any Household Hazardous Waste (acceptable/non-acceptable items linked) at no charge (if not a business) with our office.


  • BOTH- $75.00