• In order to refund registration and property tax on a vehicle, the vehicle must be sold, traded in, or disposed of.  If you still have possession of the vehicle, a refund will not be issued.  
    • The exception to this is if you have moved out of state and registered your vehicle in a different state
  • All refunds issued are prorated and are determined by the number of months remaining until renewal
  • No refunds under $5.00 will be issued
  • Refunds are calculated from the date your completed application is received in our office, not the date of sale

Refund Forms

  • Please read carefully and return to our office with all required documents listed on the forms.

Standard Refund

Out-of-State Refund

Commercial Vehicle Refund  - Processed by the State and placed into an Escrow Account

Heavy Truck Refund Form - Processed by the State and mailed to you 

  • The State of Kansas does not issue refunds on Trailers (except for RV Trailers) or on mopeds/motorbikes. 

  • For Heavy Trucks and Trailers:
    • Please notify the Ellis County Appraiser's office to have your property removed from the tax roll.  Personal property is due on trailers, if owned on January 1, for the entire year.