Registration Renewals

  • Owners must register the vehicle in the local County Treasurer's Office in which the vehicle is garaged.  (Military personnel and college students may register at either their legal residence or where they are stationed/attending school.)
  • In order to renew vehicle tags, owners must present:
    • Current renewal notice, previous year's registration, or all license plate numbers
      • To reprint your renewal notice click here
    • Proof of current vehicle insurance for each vehicle being renewed.  Proof of insurance must contain policy number, policy period, and VIN of the vehicle you are renewing.  We cannot accept an insurance bill as proof of insurance.  We can, however, accept electronic insurance cards.  
    • Form of payment
  • In order to renew vehicle registrations, you must be listed as an owner or lessee on the vehicle.  If you are not, you will need to have permission from an owner on the title to renew the tags.
  • Certain Specialty plates require additional documentation.  For example, Firefighter tags require an annual certification form.
  • Vehicle transactions will incur $2.50 facility fee per vehicle when done in our office.

Online Renewals

Click the link below to renew your tags online


Please Note: When you complete the online transaction, your decal(s) will be mailed within ten days from our office.  Per KSA 8-143 a person shall not be charged with failing to display a registration decal on a standard vehicle up to and including the 10th day following the expiration of the registration if the person is able to produce a printed payment receipt or electronic payment receipt from an online electronic payment processing system for the current 12 month period.

If your vehicle registration expires before you receive your registration receipt and decal by mail, please use your printed receipt or electronic payment receipt as proof of registration while you wait to receive your new vehicle registration receipt and decal by mail up to and including 10 days following your expiration date.