Tips and Reminders

Shopping Tips and Reminders:

  • Every time you come into the office for WIC, you MUST have your ID.
  • Call your WIC office right away if something happens to your eWIC card.
    • If you think you may have lost your card at the grocery store, check with the service desk and notify them as well. 
  • Shop for WIC foods at Kansas grocery stores with a "We Accept WIC" door decal.
    • You can also check on your Shopper app to see what stores accept WIC in your area!
  • You can take your "Program Booklet" with you, or have your Shopper appdownloaded for assistance in the aisles!
    • Remember on the app, there is a barcode scanner to help identify WIC approved foods. 
      • Not sure what benefits are allowed? Go to your list of benefits on the app, then click on the benefit your are shopping for and a detailed list will open.
  • Make a shopping list 
Store Veggies_thumb.JPG

What to bring to the grocery store:

  • eWIC card
  • Your ID
  • Canvas shopping bag/insulated shopping bag
  • Shopping list
  • Have your WIC Shopper App downloaded for questions while you’re shopping