Training, Operations & Funding

Officers assigned to the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) are also full-time officers and have their other regular duties and shifts to work as well. All officers receive specialized in-depth, hands-on training in drug enforcement issues by attending seminars and classes sponsored and instructed by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration as well as drug enforcement units in Kansas and other states.

Members of the DEU meet weekly to:
  • Conduct regular business meetings as a group to vote on issues such as financial business and equipment purchases
  • Discuss and plan ongoing investigations
  • Share intelligence information
Most importantly, the DEU operates as a team.

Funding Sources
The DEU's special equipment, supplies, and any overtime wages are funded through:
  • Department of Revenue drug tax assessments paid by convicted drug offenders
  • Seizures and subsequent sales of vehicles
  • Seizures of cash
The unit is proud to say that it uses drug money, not tax money, to fight the war on drugs.

For More Information
To contact a member of or to give information to the DEU, please call (785) 625-1069. If there is no answer, please call the Ellis County Law Enforcement Center at (785) 625-1011. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.