Employment Information

Careers at the Ellis County Sheriff's Office

Periodically employment positions are available at the Ellis County Sheriff's Office. We're always looking for qualified individuals to be a part of our professional team. Prospective employees are encouraged to complete and submit an employment application which, we'll keep on file for one year.

Hiring potential employees to fill positions within the ELSO is no easy task. With the combined physical and mental stress of the job as well as a hazardous work environment commonly encountered in day-to-day police work it's easy to understand the importance of choosing the perfect candidate.

All patrol, jail, and court security candidates must complete and pass all of the following criteria in order to be hired into our office.

  • General County Employment Application
    • Applications must be fully, accurately, and legibly completed.
    • Applications are accepted by mail or in person at our office.
    • Applications are kept on file for one year and then destroyed.
    • Applicants are encouraged to re-apply yearly.
  • Written Examination
    • National Police Officer Selection Test (POST)
    • Approximately 100 questions
    • Applicants are allowed approximately three (3) hours to complete the POST
  • Law Enforcement Application
    • Secondary application to assist our office with a following background investigation.
      • Employment
      • Educational
      • Criminal
      • Military
      • Medical
      • References
      • Authorization to Release Information
  • Complete Background Investigation
    • Conducted by our staff to verify the applicant's Law Enforcement Application.
  • Physical Agility Test
    • The "Denver/Standard" Model
      • Mountain Climb
      • Crawl under Wooden Platform
      • Gun Squeeze (6 trigger pulls)
      • Push-ups
      • Horizon Ladder
      • 3 Pole Hop
      • Chinning Bar (chin-ups)
      • Sit-ups
      • Tire Maze
      • Incline Wall
      • Remove "Dummy" from vehicle 20 feet away and return
    • All activities are consecutive and timed.
  • Psychological Exam
    • Interview and written examination conducted by High Plains Mental Health Center (HPMHC).
  • Board Interview (Recommendations are then made to the Sheriff)
    • Board consists of three to five individuals who are affiliated to or, employed by, the Ellis County Sheriff's Office.
  • Sheriff Interview
    • Final interview