Complaints & Restrictions

Citations & Insurance

We cannot answer questions regarding how a traffic citation will affect your driving record or insurance. How the citation will impact your insurance is completely between you and your insurance company. The State of Kansas and/or the Ellis County Attorney’s Office are not a party to that issue.

Court Information

If you do not agree with your citation or you wish to contest it, you must appear at the Ellis County Courthouse on your designated court date. If you cannot appear on the court date written on your ticket, please contact the Ellis County District Court at (785) 628-9415 to request a continuance. The Ellis County attorney’s office cannot grant continuances for traffic court dates.

Ticket Amendments

Our office will not amend or divert citations received for violations related to the following:
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction zones
  • Log books
  • Over-length vehicles
  • Seat belts
  • Stop signs
  • Tickets related to an accident
If you receive any of these citations, you may either plead to the citation and immediately remit the fine amount to the Ellis County District Court, or plead not guilty, and the matter will be set for a Trial to the Court.

Officer Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding the officer that issued your citation, please contact the officer's respective agency.