Victim Information

If you are a victim of a crime, please report your crime to law enforcement for investigation. After law enforcement investigates your crime, a report will be forwarded to the Ellis County attorney’s office for review. The Ellis County attorney’s office will notify you by mail if and when charges are filed.

Notification of Hearings

You also have a right to appear at any public hearing that involves the defendant. The Ellis County attorney’s office will make every effort to notify you by telephone and/or by mail of each scheduled hearing. If your attendance is required, you will be notified by phone and/or mail and a subpoena to appear in court may be issued for you.

Please make sure the Ellis County attorney’s office has your current mailing address and telephone number so that you receive all notification regarding your case.

Filing Orders

If you would like to file a Protection from Abuse Order or a Protection from Stalking Order, please visit the Ellis County District Court on the third floor of the Courthouse or call (785) 628-9415. The District Court can explain the specifications of each order and provide you with the necessary forms.


If a defendant is ordered to pay restitution, the payments will be sent to the clerk of the District Court. The clerk will then distribute the funds as they receive them.

Crime Victims Compensation
The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Law was passed to provide victims of violent crimes with compensation for loss of earnings and out-of-pocket medical expenses as a direct result of the incident. Victims of violent crime are eligible for compensation under this statute.

The first step in receiving compensation assistance is to fill out an application with the Crime Victims Compensation Board. An application can also be obtained through the Ellis County attorney’s office.