Diversion Program

The Ellis County Attorney's Office has implemented a diversion program for certain traffic infractions.
Eligibility for diversion ultimately rests in the discretion of the Ellis County Attorney's Office.
Meeting the requirements alone does not create a presumption that diversion will be granted.

To view the eligibility and procedural requirements, and to complete the Diversion Application, click here.

Types of Amendable Citations

The following is a list of traffic citations that the Ellis County attorney’s office may amend:

  • Expired Registration - Provide proof of payment for valid registration       
  • Driving While Suspended - First Offense - Provide proof of license reinstatement
  • No Valid Driver’s License - Provide proof of valid license when ticket was issued
  • No Proof of Insurance - Provide proof of insurance when ticket was issued
Note: Amendments to any traffic citation is at the discretion of the County Attorney's Office. Additional requirements may exist before a citation will be amended. Fines and court costs may still be assessed if the amendment is granted. Tickets will be amended upon receipt of payment in full.  Please contact our office for more information.

Fines & Court Costs

All fines and court costs for traffic citations are paid to:
Ellis County District Court
If you have any questions please contact the Ellis County District Court at (785) 628-9415.