Tax Calendar for Personal Property

Value Notice Information

The county appraiser's office mails a Notice of Appraised Value to all personal property owners in Ellis County notifying them of the appraised value of their personal property as of January 1. The value notice identifies the property, classification of property (individual or commercial personal property), the appraised value, and the assessed value for the current year. It also includes instructions on how to appeal the appraisal.

Appraised property values are determined from the accurate listings provided by the owner earlier in the year.

Important Dates



Renditions mailed to personal property owners who are registered with the appraiser's office January 1
Renditions due back to county appraiser March 15
Oil and gas renditions due back to county appraiser April 1
Notices of Appraised Value mailed to property owners indicating current year appraised value May 1
Deadline to appeal current year value May 15
Appraiser certifies appraisal roll to county clerk June 15
Tax bills mailed to property owners After November 1
Tax bills due December 20

Penalty Schedule

The following penalties are as required by K.S.A. 79-1422 and 1427a. The oil and gas penalty schedule is moved forward 15 days for each component of the schedule.

Date Filed Penalty Amount
March 16 - April 15 5%
April 16 - May 15 10%
May 16 - June 15 15%
June 16 - July 15 20%
July 16 - March 14 25%
After March 15 of the following year 50%