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Ellis County Courthouse
1204 Fort Street, Hays, KS 67601
Ph: (785) 628-9410
Jail Inmate Visitation Hours
Video Visitation Room
ELSO Video Visitation Room

Inmate visitation is Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM.  All visitation will be via video phone located in the lobby area between the Courthouse and the Sheriff’s Office.

Up to 3 approved visitors will be allowed at one time.Visitation is for 30 minutes and may be monitored by Jail Staff. Inmate visitations can be scheduled online by the general public by clicking here.

Contact visits will not be allowed.

Visitations will need to be scheduled. Visitation will be Tuesday through Friday.
Section visitation days will be:





Sections A and C

Sections B and D

Sections E and F

Sections G and H

Out of state family may be given a weekend exception on a case by case basis to be approved by both Jail Sergeants.

Inmate Visitation Hours
  • All visitors must present a picture identification card in order to visit (except for minor children). NO EXCEPTIONS! An identification card is a Driver’s License, State ID. card, etc.

  • All inmates placed in the Ellis County Jail will be allowed a minimum of two (2) visitation periods per week of at least twenty (20) minutes duration each. The inmates are allowed only one visit per visitation day.

  • All minor children must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or legal counsel.

  • All visitors must sign in upon arrival to the jail.  A check will be made on each individual, not including minors, to see if that individual has any outstanding warrant(s).

  • It shall be the policy of the Ellis County Jail not to discriminate against any inmate regarding any rights, including visitation.

  • All visitors must be dressed appropriately. Visitors must be wearing shirt, shoes, pants or shorts. No provocative or revealing clothing (no miniskirts, short shorts, low-cut tops, etc.) will be allowed.

  • Visitors are not allowed to take any items (no purses, backpacks, etc.) into visitation.

  • Food products, drinks, or gum will not be allowed in the visitation area. If the visitor takes these items into visitation area the visitor will be removed and not allowed to complete the visit.

  • No cell phones or camera’s allowed in visitation. All visitors are subject to audio and video recording while in the building. Visitors are also subject to search for the introduction of contraband into the facility.