Filing Fees

The Kansas Legislature provided that the Board of Tax Appeals shall charge and collect a filing fee established by rules and regulations adopted by the Board. Pursuant to the Legislature’s direction, the Board has adopted regulations implementing filing fees for certain applications and appeals filed with the Board. A copy of these regulations and filing fees may be found on the Board’s website.

The filing fees apply to both Small Claims Division and Regular Division filings.

Payment & Methods

Filing fees may be paid by:
  • Cash payment for the exact amount of the fee
  • Check or money order made payable to the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals
  • Credit card
The filing fee must accompany the filing or be received by the Board within seven business days of the date when the appeal or application was filed. Failure to pay the fee will result in dismissal of the appeal or application.

If a taxpayer or applicant asserts they are unable to pay a filing fee by reason of poverty, they must file an affidavit with supporting documentation indicating that fact. Upon proper proof, the Board may waive the filing fee.

Value & Valuation

The terms “value” and “valuation” mean the valuation shown on the county notice of valuation or the valuation at the time of filing the appeal with the Regular Division if the valuation has been reduced by the county appraiser at the informal hearing, by the hearing officer panel, or by the Small Claims Division. 

Multiple Applications / Appeals

If an applicant or taxpayer asserts multiple applications or appeals should be filed as one application or appeal, such applicant or taxpayer must submit a written request and demonstrate that the matters should be filed as one. If the Board finds the applicant or taxpayer is correct, all fees or a portion of the fees may be waived. If all of the fees or a portion of the fees have been paid, the Board may issue a refund.